Having your own website on the internet requires a good server. Due to the fact that a good dedicated server for a company associated with considerable costs, many companies use the hosting.iStock_000000624836XSmall_2_ It is a service consisting in the provision of virtual server and mail both businesses and individuals. Deciding on web hosting worth to pay attention to several important issues. A very important aspect may be, for example, geolocation. Best buy web hosting on servers made in the country you will be Targeted advertising campaign. A Google search can in fact represent different results for different countries. Sometimes, for example, in the English-speaking and German-speaking countries, there is a search engine pagination from countries such as the UK, Germany, and Austria. At this point in the search results appear hand placed on servers physically located in that country. In addition, customers will load faster campaign to hand placed on domestic servers. Sam server should also support basic programming languages ??such as php web sites or asp. Well if it also supports mod_rewrite, so that you can generate friendly links. What’s more, a good server returns the corresponding error codes such as 404, 500 When selecting the server should also be avoided so. “Bad neighborhood”. For there are suspicions that if the hosting company allows the content on their servers tolerated by the search engines is the IP address of this host may be rejected by the search engines. It is likely that suffer all holders of websites on that server. Hosting must therefore be guided by a proven and competent company. We must also remember that the search engine spiders often visit www. If the page does not work, search engine can lower it. Definitely should be avoided so free web hosts. Companies offering such services, they are able to provide high-quality operation of servers, resulting in a site can not operate. However, large companies recommended for dedicated servers. They are much faster, which is also affected by the speed of the search engines index your website